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Any Credit History | Quick & Easy Online Form | Fast Decision Reviews is one of the services allowing you to get a loan for any purpose.

It is great if you have an option to get some money without a need to ask for help from your relatives or friends, but it is also important to find out whether this service provider is safe and legit or it is just a scam that you should forget about.

In this review, we will provide you with the necessary information in order to make the right decision.

Initial information is a service that allows borrowers to find lenders.

They will not actually give you money or determine loan conditions, and they will not charge you for their services.

The website design is pretty simple. reviews

There is no much information that you can go through.

Right away, you will find an online form with a few options to choose from.

First of all, you will need to choose how much you need to borrow and when for how long, and after that, you will be taken to the page requesting your email address.

Then you will be taken through a few more steps.

There are no contact options that you can access without getting registered on the website.

What Does It Offer?

On this website, you can apply for a loan in the amount ranging from $100 and $35,000 for the period of time ranging from 1 month to 2 years.

You should understand that applying through this service does not guarantee that you will actually be approved.

As it was mentioned above, it is an intermediate service, which means that if you need to know more detailed information, you can obtain it only from a lender.

APR will be different for different customers, and it will be determined based on your repayment history, credit score, and a range of other factors, but usually, it ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%.

Their loans are available with minimum repayment terms.

Ratings and Customer Reviews is not accredited by the BBB, and there are no customer reviews that you can find on the Internet on this service.

Probably, it is just because it is a young company; however, the fact that there is no much information about the service is not good.

The rates the company with an 80% of security, which means safe.


There are plenty of services allowing finding lenders when you need some additional money, but even though is not a scam, but a legit website to use, it is not very convenient.

We hope that we will be able to write a more possible review about this service provider, but so far, it is recommended to find something else.

Don't waste your time. Get a loan online.

Representative Example For APR, Loan Cost & Fee :

If you borrowed $1,000 over a 12 month period and the loan had a 3% origination fee ($30), your monthly repayments would be $94.56, with a total payback amount of $1,134.72 which including the 3% fee paid from the loan amount, would have a total cost of $164.72. Representative 29.82% APR. Interest Rate 24%. cannot guarantee any APR since we are not direct lender ourselves.

Customer Comments and Reviews


  1. Maria

    Stop sending loan offers, this is already harassment! I already opted OUT many times!

  2. Nancy

    STOP! STOP! STOP!! This is not a review page for these a-holes….its a promotion! And as I’m getting closer to retirement, I want to trim my phone’s service, including limited texting. These jerks send me texts (with those stupid 5 digit numbers) TWICE a day. Wish I could actually find a phone number for them and harass them for weeks on end.

  3. Tyron Petty

    fastloanadvance is a scam!! DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!!!

  4. Donald Dunn

    Someone form saga loans which fastloans operators try to get me to go to korger today and use my debit card saying they had to deposit money into my bank and I’d have to contact them in the parking lot so I’d know what to purchase so I could send money back to them before getting my loan if that no a scam what is u never give money to borrow money

    • Victoria Bowens

      Same thing happened to me. They posed as advance America. I had to go to Walmart and load up a gift card. They to target? I don’t think so. They ended up hacking my bank account. Luckily my bank caught on immediately and shut it all down.

  5. Charles Ingmire

    I got a bone from Amplified funding back in August of $800 so far you have taken out over $1,300 out of my account is that the last payment or do I have to complain about it it should have been paid off already $1,300 for $800 loan get back with me I would like to get more but if you’re doing this to me I don’t know if I will I can check with the Better Business Bureau find out what’s going on I will put a stop payment on it if I don’t hear anything from you.

  6. Ella

    I really want to know if this website is a scammer or real, i entered my ssi numbers and my account numbers now i can’t sleep i have to check my ssi numbers and change my account number.

    • Macayla

      I’m in the same boat and it’s freaking me out!!!! Can you let me know what you did? Did you get hacked?

  7. Macayla

    Is this website going to take things out of my bank account and use my SS#?????

    • Jamie Davis

      Bank account is used to direct deposit the funds and the SS# is used to verify identity and credit.

  8. Hanna Zepnick

    I need someone to call me back for this company otherwise I report to this company people scam my money $100

  9. Brenda howell

    Is this company legit or not cause they have all my info, after i got done with my app my screen went blank have not heard anything from them, ive called there phone i got one dial tone and than music came on, has anyone else recieved or heard anything from this company

  10. Elizabeth

    Sounds like a scam to me. I think I’ll pass. I didnt enter social and bank tho. I entered false info til I reached the point of asking for social and bank info, then I went back cleared ALL info even tho it was false.


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