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Quick2lend Reviews

Quick2lend is a service provider that you should check out if you are looking for additional money.

In this review, you will find initial information about this company, its conditions, reputation, etc.

Read it to know if it safe dealing with it because it is legit or this is a scam that should be avoided.

Initial Information is an online service allowing customers to get instant access to a large number of lenders.

They promise that the application process takes only about 3 minutes.

The service provider does not take money from customers for applying or other fees because it gets commissions from lenders.


The website is user-friendly and has the all necessary information.


Email and postal address are the only contact methods provided on the website; however, there is a Facebook account of where people can ask questions and get helpful recommendations.

According to IsLegitSite, the site does not have much traffic, but it seems to be legit.

It is a relatively new service provider that has been operating for more than 1 year.

What Can You Apply for?

The service seems to be quick to lend a helping hand.

You can apply for a loan in the amount ranging from $250 to $3,000 for the period of time from 3 to 36 months.

Not only can you use this service to get additional money, but also to improve your credit score because their lenders report to the credit agencies.

It is known that each rejected loan application affects your credit score, but this company allows you to send one application to be visible for many lenders.

Not all candidates are accepted, but for those whose applications are rejected, they offer to use alternative lending options or read recommendations on how to improve a credit score.

The more detailed conditions, such as APR, late payment fees, etc. you will get from your lender. You can carefully read them before deciding if everything is satisfying for you, and if there is something that you do not like, you can simply reject the offer.

Customer Reviews

On the official website of Quick2lend, you will find customer reviews, all of which are positive.

There are no complaints about the services on the Internet, but the service provider has been operating for over a year, so it is unknown how many customers it has.

Anyway, we cannot deny that it may be due to the great services that it provides. The service has not been accreditated by the BBB yet.

Bottom Line

As you can see from this review, it is really quick to lend ( a helping hand for people looking for additional money.

It is not a scam, but a safe service provider that you should check out.

It allows you to apply with many lenders and find the best conditions, but if your application is rejected, they will provide you with alternative solutions.

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Representative Example For APR, Loan Cost & Fee :

If you borrowed $1,000 over a 12 month period and the loan had a 3% origination fee ($30), your monthly repayments would be $94.56, with a total payback amount of $1,134.72 which including the 3% fee paid from the loan amount, would have a total cost of $164.72. Representative 29.82% APR. Interest Rate 24%. cannot guarantee any APR since we are not direct lender ourselves.

16 reviews on “Quick2lend Reviews

  1. Steve says:

    This company uses text messaging tactics to contact a potential customer. They don’t have written permission as required under TCPA LAWS. I never had any type of relationship. It’s a violation to solicit via text messages

  2. Matt says:

    Just got a quote for a $300 loan with an interest rate of 650% that should be illegal. Payback plan was $78 bi weekly for two years 😂😂

  3. Christian T Handley says:

    Is it safe

  4. Steve says:

    I’ve seen loan sharks with better interest rates….

  5. Chris says:

    They wanted $987 interest on an $300 loan???? 29% interest rate!!! Check before confirmation! This is crazy

  6. Jazzy says:

    This company is a scam credit counseling service it doesn’t have anything to do with loans please be aware don’t enter you personal information

  7. Keith says:

    Are they legit? An you get a loN of 1,000 no matter your credit score?

  8. Ak47 says:

    It seems legit but beware, the company that offered me a loan was a group of native American tribes that have sovereignty from U.S. laws. The loan presented to me was $1,100 us dollars and checking the details I found at the interest rate they gave me I would have paid over $5,000 in total. $4,000 in their pockets lol. Talk about stealing from the poor……stay away from this.

  9. Never Banking Here says:

    Thankfully the reviews have saved me from another bad company. Thank you all.

  10. Twinng says:


  11. jennifer black says:

    I got approved for $1200, but I will end up paying 6,000 at the end of it all and my payments are $321 every other Thursday. I passed on this, but you will definitely get approved with High interest.

  12. Sedrick Baldwin says:

    this is bad

  13. James says:

    Have anybody ever got the money

  14. Anton Panagos says:

    Thank you all for your negative reviews…I’m staying away from this lendscsm.

    • Brian says:

      Just screwed myself I guess.

  15. Kammy says:

    I should have known something was up when they asked me to confirm my checking account number and it was wrong. I was dumb enough to fix it and not read the review first, but smart enough to read the fine print and back out of 689% interest. Not only should they be shut down, they need to be charged with a list of unlawful offenses.

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