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Bright Lending is for you if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions:

Are you facing some financial difficulties but any standard bank doesn’t approve a credit for you?

Are you looking for a short-term credit with profitable terms?

Do you need a clear system of getting a loan with a low interest rate and accessible client service?

Don’t hesitate to get the information you need to know in this review.

How many clients does Bright Lending have?

Over 17 million people benefit from Bright Lending program.

How much can I borrow?

You can get from $300 to $1000 dollars depending on your credit history and time of cooperation with us.

Will this loan have any effect on your credit score?

We do our best to prevent you from this.

We never address to any major credit reporting bureaus asking information only from alternative sources.

Your possible future loans are out of danger.

bright lending

How to get an approval for Bright Landing credit?

First you have to submit an online application in order to receive a preliminary decision so you’ll be able to foresee your possibilities.

When you application is accepted, you’ll get your loan agreement back in order to check it and certify it with your e-signature.

Finally, one of our specialists will contact you to get the missing information and discuss when and how your loan will be funded.

What do we check before approving a loan?

We have a short list of necessary requirements that we verify before issuing the final decision.

To obtain Bright Lending credit you have to:

— Have a stable source of income that we can verify

— Meet all legal requirements so that our collaboration is totally legit

— Have an open and active checking account

Bad credit or no credit you have isn’t a crucial point for our decision, it is taken into account while taking decision but doesn’t determine it.

How do we check the information we need?

We may use Instant Bank Verification (IBV) which allows us to temporarily view your bank statements.

It is totally safe and legit and doesn’t give us an opportunity to access, withdraw, credit or transfer money from your account.

What particular offers do I have with this loan?

First you can preview the terms of credit cancellation right in your agreement.

Moreover, you are free to pay your loan off beforehand.

It doesn’t imply any penalty and even reduces the rate you pay.

All you have to do is to contact our Custom Service by telephone or by email.

How can you receive your credit sum?

As a rule your funds will be electronically deposited via ACH to your bank account one day after you receive the approval.

How can I make my payments?

You can pay by ACH draft from your bank account on your due or send a personal check, cashier’s check, money order, or certified check to the address of Bright Lending on or before your due date.

Don't waste your time. Get a loan online.

Representative Example For APR, Loan Cost & Fee :

If you borrowed $1,000 over a 12 month period and the loan had a 3% origination fee ($30), your monthly repayments would be $94.56, with a total payback amount of $1,134.72 which including the 3% fee paid from the loan amount, would have a total cost of $164.72. Representative 29.82% APR. Interest Rate 24%. cannot guarantee any APR since we are not direct lender ourselves.

Customer Comments and Reviews


  1. Sheila Smith

    They will charge you repayment over 10 months. Great, right?!
    However $196.76/month for 10 months for a $350 loan? NOT so great. That’s what they offered after sending me a “pre-approval” for $1,000 loan.

  2. Tracy Martin

    This place scams customers. The reps lie about the information you give them. They purposely make it look like you have been approved and send you a legal agreement. They dont send you the money and when you call them on it, they turn it around and say they have the wrong acct number and that you have to wait until the money gets back to them. It’s a scam!

  3. M ANNE


    • Colleen Buser

      I beg to differ with you. Pay day loans in AZ are 200+%!!!!! Sorry. I don’t see the difference!!!???

    • Susie

      Did you get a response From AG? I’m in the same situation.

  4. Lou

    Its sad so.many dont actually read the terms. & agreement which clearly state they cannot be held to your states laws. Read the Agreement BEFORE you agree to any thing. They have been great to me! Seriously i lost my job after i recieved the funds amd made ONE payment(Only 1)and emailed them explaining i wanted to honor the contract but lost my.job and asked for a 2-3 week deferment. they’ve worked with me. No complaints. I communicated With them. That’s the secret. Talk to them when you Know your not able to make a payment. When one uses these “tribal” services, you understand your paying Exorbitant Rates to bail you out of your situation
    Suck it up buttercup or step away.

  5. Tsmith

    Received a pre select form After reading the reviews I will definitely take heed and stay away.

  6. Mary E.Lago

    I have made a complaint to the Federal Trade commission and the Better Business Bureau, and the Interned Fraud services, they are “SCAM’ they sent me 5 emails with one phone call they said it was approved a loan for $300.00 they asked me to fax the Social Security Award ltr, and send me a link to give them my password to my Bank account, I was very stupid and naïve,I gave it to them, when I called them they “said” they have changed their mind loan was denied, why do they want to go into my Bank Account?, I gave all the information to my attorney..I will write to every single organization to put these crooks out of business…at least I will triy very hard…Be careful, they just want to go to your Bank account some type of ID …These people from tribes they are all the same, the government doesn’t make them to pay taxes, the make money with Casinos, and loan sharking, every tribe in Florida and another State is the same, like the Seminoles, and the Miccosukie, not any are regulated by the US government…what a shame…the government gave them land and exempt from taxes…

    • Colleen Buser

      Hmmmm. There are plenty of places to secure a short-term loan. Owned by non-Natives. Providing the same service at similary “exhorbanant” rates! Where are all the complaints against those companies!!?? Truth be told. You can’t secure a loan elsewhere? Don’t like the rates. Or can’t afford the payments Don’t take the loan. They’re not holding a bow and arrow to your head!!!😁😀

      • Thunder Thighs

        You sound like a truel archole and you probably work with or for them.

    • Colleen Buser

      They need to view your bank account for a history of verifiable income. If you went to a stand alone “loan shark” they will insist you bring in your bank statement, for the same reason!!!! Go get a job!!???

      • Deb

        Before I had the chance to make a payment I found they had automatically taken it out of my account which I did not authorize. It was my rent account so I will be getting an eviction notice in a few days. I’m on disability as well and as such we only make what we make. Since I will be homeless I guess they won’t be getting the rest of their money


    I applied for a $550 loan and the interest was 667%. My payments were $151.92 bi-wkly. I made an online payment of $201.92. They withdrew the $151.92 plus the $201.92 payment I made. So I am thinking the $201.92 would be applied to the principal or if their gonna except it as a regular payment then it would move my due date. HELL NO!!! I called and they told me that $178.58 was applied to Interest and $175.26 was applied to Principal. I was furious because if my payments are 151.92 and my interest is $7.15 per day ($100.10 bi-wkly) then why in the HELL did you apply more to my interest and not my principal. They had the nerves to tell me that we take any additional and apply it to the interest before we apply it to the principal. I am pissed because you are always to apply additional to principal. Then they don’t provide an amortization schedule for you. I am going to pay these people off this week because they are not gonna keep taking my money.

    • Colleen Buser

      Good for you! I hope you don’t find yourself in a position to need to go this route again!!! Seriously!! I’m disabled. Can’t work!! I’m thankful I have somewhere to turn. Until I find that box of money or the goose that lays golden eggs!!!

  8. Brenda

    I wish I had read all of these before I had signed up for a loan with bright lending. I am not scared for what tomorrow brings. I am in such a bind. Any advice?

    • Colleen Buser


  9. Susan

    I’ve done high-interest loans before but this is the only company that applies zero to $2 towards your principal payment. That’s right the money that you’re paying at times isn’t even going towards your payment just the interest. This is my fourth time having a high-interest loan and even for ahigh interest loans this is unusual. They’re crooks. They also can’t tell you what’s your original balance was at the beginning if you’re trying to do the math yourself. Very convenient

  10. syeed selmon

    Just applied for a loan for $500 and they want me to pay 21 payments of 145……… yeah no

  11. Colleen Buser

    I’m delighted to see the tribes useing their money in a profitable manner! Not Native? Too bad! Leave our land and borrow your money from a white corporate bank. Oh wait….That’s right. They won’t do business with you!!??

  12. young veezly

    colleen must work for them lol

  13. Rachel

    I received my 500$ loan payment of $122 a paycheck it comes straight out of my account I have no problems they send me an email with when the payment will be withdrawn I work full time with 2 kids and a disabled husband if you don’t like them don’t use them but we needed the money and we got it and payed bills that needed to be paid and got food for the house if I need another I may go with them again hopefully I won’t have to it was an emergency situation and they helped

  14. A. May

    I also was offered the $1,000 Pre-Selected offer and gave them all my info in online app. That app sent me to Rapid Cash, where I then had to give them all my info again in online app, and then was denied after all of that. The pre-approval offer is a scam to harvest your info, and I have reported them to the BBB, and the website through Google as a scam website!

  15. Hank

    Wanted to payoff a loan early..was told the $$ ..said they couldn’t schedule it for 10 days.. Yeah ..thats 10 extra days of interest..then i got two different amounts they said the first was wrong and this one was $200+ more because i was a 1st time borrower..wrong sent a screen shot from their own account page saying previous loan paidin full..also apr jumped 150%..something crooked on the rez


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