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Personal Loans for First Responders

Needless to say, Loans for First Responders appear to be one of the most crucial social initiatives these days.

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As a matter of fact, first responders make up a huge portion of US national as well as local populations.

Personal Loans for First Responders

As the Department of Homeland Security states, currently, in America, there are more than a million firefighters, up to 750,000 of which happen to be volunteers.

Besides this, as for local police departments, they have about 556,000 full-time staff members, while sheriffs’ offices report nearly 291,000 workers.

Besides this, there are more than 155,000 registered Emergency Medical Technicians in the United States.

Unfortunately, all these specialists don’t always earn enough money to justify their tough difficult duties.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, these specialists earn the following amounts:

  • Police officers: $64,540
  • EMTs: $36,700
  • Firefighters: $51,930

A great number of US citizens rely on these specialists to keep them safe in case emergency.

It’s crucial that organizations and communities give back to those who risk their lives with the aim of protecting the general population.

Nationwide Mortgage Bankers, Inc strives to back these people by offering them first responder loans.

Taking Care Of First Responders

After a long hard working day, first responders deserve to get back home and relax.

Realizing this, Nationwide Mortgage Bankers comes up with a unique solution making homeownership a real thing.

With first responder no credit check home loans, these specialists can save a lot of funds when purchasing or refinancing their houses.

The financial organization offers FHA loans, which require a down payment of about 3.5%.

In addition to this, first responder mortgages provided by NMB prevent first responders from paying underwriting, document preparation, processing as well as application fees.

Making Dreams Come True

Every day millions of first responders dare to put others before themselves.

To thank for such a generous personal quality, NMB provides them with a personalized mortgage experience based on transparency and trust.

The financial institution guides first responders through the entire mortgage process.

First Trust Deed Loans

Compared to a fixed-rate loan, the given boast lower initial interest rates, resulting in lower monthly payments.

By the way, after the initial rate lock period, interest rates can’t change more than 1% annually and 5% over the life of the loan.

With a fixed rate, a great number of first responders enjoy the advantage of being aware of their interest rate.

Aside from that, their monthly payment won’t change for the term of the loan.

The available features include:

  • Funding 99% of the loan;
  • No points options;
  • 30 as well as 15-year terms;
  • Pre-qualification with no obligation.

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